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Spiritual Vaccine Workshop:
Caring for Human Body and Earth Body Together

Sunday, Oct 11, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. PST

Ticket Price: $27.00

(Includes access to recordings of all three Spiritual Vaccine Workshops in this series, 9/13/20, 9/27/20, and 10/11/20)

Join Ilana Kristeva — Self-Care Vigilante and Master Storyteller — for more breathing, stretching, tapping, and laughing at this online Spiritual Vaccine Workshop. (Playshop, actually.) Partner with your “inner rebel” to cultivate flowing, playful energy. Feel vibrant in mind, body, spirit, and wallet.

  • Create a Spiritual Vaccine that works for you
  • Build a friendship with time that helps you feel safe and secure despite uncertainty, especially now
  • Discover the significance of your presence on Mother Earth at this moment in history
  • Awaken with humorous, powerful stories for self-care in mind, body, spirit, and wallet
  • Cultivate joy bubbles instantaneously while breathing, stretching, tapping, and laughing
  • Dissolve self-sabotage and feel vibrant in your body for peak performance


"I feel so refreshed and ready to move on with my day!"

"You are beautifully spontaneous and playful and real...resulting in my being fully engaged and interested in wanting to learn what you are teaching."

"I am going to do your Lotus Flower Blossom Breaths every day, Ilana. Thank you!"

"Thanks, Ilana, for indeed 'wearing' your playful spirit! I love the dragonfly and your skill with it...."

"I can't wait to be back for the second workshop. And I must have one of your Spiritual Vaccine t-shirts!!!

"I'm so glad we did this together during the workshop. I took my wallet out and discovered a gift card I forgot I had! It feels so good to have cleaned out my wallet and reorganized it. Now, I'm going to take good care of my body wallet, social wallet, mental wallet—everything!"

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Spiritual Vaccine Summit with the Sedona SuperTeam:
Mastering Our Ability to Play
Saturday, October 17 - Wednesday, October 21

Ticket Price: $297 for all five days (including three months of access to recordings)

This ticket grants you access to attend five days of:

  • SuperTeam Webinars broadcasting “live” from Sedona, AZ
  • Town Hall Meetings with the SuperTeam
  • Dynamic Duo Playshops (pre-recorded)
  • “Today’s Action” homework assignments
From your living room, join the Sedona SuperTeam, broadcasting "live" from Red Rocks of Sedona!

Honoring social distancing in Sedona, "Red Rock Hugger" Ilana Kristeva, "Compass of Compassion" Joan Marie and "Elite Mountaineer" Jim Geiger will be joined, online, by "Voice for Mother Earth" Andrea Dawn Driver (Colorado), "Galaxy Connector" Karen Takayama (California), and "Heart Communicator" Julie Saillant (South Carolina).

Yes, the call of Mother Earth through Sedona is very powerful. We are caring for human body and Earth body together, elevating our consciousness to new levels, and creating a more transparent, loving, and compassionate future right here in this very moment.

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