Spiritual Vaccine T-Shirts

Enjoy the smile on your face and heart while wearing your “Spiritual Vaccine with the Sedona SuperTeam” logo t-shirts (in red or blue) and watch eyes light up around you!

Be a beacon of hope in these soft yet durable 100% cotton Bella + Canvas t-shirts printed with eco-friendly ink. You are mastering your ability to be playful while caring for human body and Earth body today!


Special Note: We donate one dollar ($1.00) from the sale of each Spiritual Vaccine t-shirt to NAMI, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Together, we are addressing the mental health pandemic as well as the global Coronavirus pandemic. OM.

Spiritual Vaccine with the Sedona SuperTeam T-Shirts

Price: $25 per t-shirt (includes taxes and shipping & handling)

Unisex Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL  * See size chart and order info below

Enjoy feeling energized as you dawn on this red Spiritual Vaccine t-shirt. Red is the color of blood carrying oxygen that nourishes cells throughout our bodies. Yes!

Red T-Shirt Size
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Enjoy feeling peaceful as you dawn on this Spiritual Vaccine t-shirt. Blue is the color of blood carrying carbon dioxide we release into the air, nourishing green life that photosynthesizes energy from the sun which gave life/heat to our bodies. Yes!

Blue T-Shirt Size
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"I can't believe it's so soft. My t-shirt hugs me!"

"After working out, I was so tired. As soon as I put on my Spiritual Vaccine t-shirt, I instantly felt like Superman!"

"Now that I have one in red, I must get one in blue...."

"People give me the 'thumbs up' when they see my shirt. One person said to me, 'That's right—it's time we empower ourselves in caring for our health.'"

"Sedona is such a beautiful place. I wear this powerful design with pride!"

Bella + Canvas Unisex T’s (Chest to Fit):

XS (extra small): 31”-34”

S (small): 34”-37”

M (medium): 38”-41”

L (large): 42”-45”

XL (extra large): 46”-49”

2XL (double extra large): 50”-53”

3XL (triple extra large): 54”-57”

Suggested Washing Instructions:

Bella + Canvas 3001 T’s are prewashed. However, they will shrink slightly in hot water wash and/or high heat drying.

Cold water wash and line dry to prevent shrinkage. Please order a size that is most comfortable for you.

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