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Spiritual Vaccine Playshop: Be An Ambassador of Hope

Boost Your Joy Bubbles and Help People Heal and Laugh Unapologetically


Winter and holiday blues are around the corner. Transform yourself, from groaning to glowing, while taking your leadership skills to new heights. My name is Ilana Kristeva, Self-Care Vigilante and Compassionate Comedienne. Join me in serving as an ambassador of hope, joy, and compassion for grieving families this holiday season.

  • Come strengthen your voice box and polish your story-telling skills to bring smiles to faces of people who—for health reasons—truly need to laugh
  • Learn some of my favorite vocal cord relaxation exercises for quality sound projection and endurance while picking up wonderful comedic tips and tricks
  • Be a service provider whom people find comforting, entertaining, and memorable
  • Laugh, play, and heal without guilt
  • Transform anything awful into something awesome right this moment
  • Live each day unapologetically as a thriving role model

Boost YOUR joy bubbles (Spiritual Vaccine Ingredient #3) and lead by your illuminating example! Bring smiles to faces and hearts of everyone you meet, especially grieving or separated families. By your example you will teach them to be ambassadors, as well.



Ilana Kristeva, the Compassionate Comedienne


Spiritual Vaccine Playshop: Be An Ambassador of Hope


DATE:     Saturday, November 28, 2020

TIME:     10 am-12:00 pm PST (1:00-3:00 p.m. EST)

ONLINE: "Live" broadcast via Zoom (receive access link after registering)

Purchase tickets by Friday, November 27, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. PST

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Spiritual Vaccine Playshop: Special price $47 (includes three months of access to the video recording of this playshop with Ilana Kristeva!) Purchase tickets by Friday, November 27, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. PST

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Spiritual Vaccine Summit with the Sedona SuperTeam: Mastering Our Ability to Play

Ready to Drop Your Struggles and Prosper with Confidence? Take Your Seat at Our Red Rock Table!

  1. Bring your sorrow, woes, and hope for a brighter future to our spiritual banquet as we gather together in Sedona, Arizona—one of Mother Earth's most nourishing playgrounds
  2. Embrace this coming weekend is an auspicious period of time as the new moon begins to take shape
  3. Gather around our "red rock table" with Ilana, Andrea, Jim, Joan, Karen, and Julie and enjoy our stories, from groaning to glowing, and wisdom received from the Universe to illuminate our path to navigate uncertainties with confidence

You can elevate any area of your life with guidance from the Sedona SuperTeam of holistic practitioners, coaches, and athletes: Ilana Kristeva, the "Red Rock Hugger,: Joan Marie, the "Compass of Compassion," and Jim Geiger, the"Elite Mountaineer," broadcasting "live" from Sedona, joined by Andrea Dawn Driver, the "Voice for Mother Earth" (from Colorado), Karen Takayama, the "Galaxy Connector" (from California), and Julie Saillant, the "Heart Communicator" (from South Carolina).

Design your own Spiritual Vaccine that helps you feel confident and vibrant in mind, body, spirit, and wallet:

  • tools for immediate mindset transformation
  • prayers for peace with your internal organs
  • movements for generating and sustaining joy bubbles
  • techniques for helping you feel safe and secure
  • processes for overcoming self-sabotage
  • pathways for discovering the significance of your presence on Mother Earth at this moment in history

Let's shape the future together by mastering our ability to boost playful energy for healing and thriving!

Spiritual Vaccine Summit with the Sedona SuperTeam: Mastering Our Ability to Play

Saturday, October 17 - Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Thank you for your interest! This event is now over. In preparation for our next Sedona retreat in April of 2021, purchase your access to the Summit Recordings, below. For updates on "Spiritual Vaccine" activities, go to InstantGratitudeNow.com.

Purchase your ACCESS to video recordings of this Summit, here. This ticket grants you three-month access to video recordings of all five days in Sedona, AZ:

  • SuperTeam Webinars broadcasting “live” from Sedona, AZ
  • Town Hall Meetings with the SuperTeam
  • Dynamic Duo Playshops (pre-recorded)
  • “Today’s Action” homework assignments
From your living room, enjoy spending time with the Sedona SuperTeam, broadcasting "live" from Red Rocks of Sedona!

Yes, the call of Mother Earth through Sedona is very powerful. We are caring for human body and Earth body together, elevating our consciousness to new levels, and creating a more transparent, loving, and compassionate future right here in this very moment.

P.L.A.Y.—Prosper, Laugh, and Amaze Yourself—to Thrive!


Summit Recordings Package Price: $267. Special Holiday Price: $227 (includes three months of access to video recordings of all five days of workshops and playshops conducted by the Sedona SuperTeam)!

Yes! I am ready to enjoy hours of inspiration and adventure with the Sedona SuperTeam—Yay!

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Praise for Members of the Sedona SuperTeam

“Authentically engaged in her passions, Ilana Kristeva effectively shares her great zest for life in service to communities. She is a generous, thoughtful and natural leader.” —Jackie Shea, Podcast Host of Healing Out Loud.

"Ilana is on the same page as conscious human evolution. She lights a spark, igniting higher consciousness in our daily lives at a time when the world is in need of enlightenment."  —Scott Ford, Co-Founder of the Evolutionary Sports Collective and author of Integral Consciousness and Sport.

"I am in awe of Andrea’s gift. I can only say that it’s a spiritual experience like no other. I really didn’t have to say anything about my life as the messages came pouring out of her. At the end of our session, I was so overcome with emotion that I cried with the feeling of a big hug from the universe. Andrea, you are a beautiful person. Thank you." —DR (Pennsylvania)

"Can't believe how helpful Andrea has been to me and my family. Her guidance and gentle spirit have helped me in life and work - no judgment, just truth. Thank you Andrea." —Lynn G (California)

"Jim, what a difference you made in my attitude. I had not noticed the change in myself. But after talking with you this morning I realized the transformation. Plus you tested me. I didn’t go back to my old tapes. It felt effortless. What a difference. There is new knowledge and understanding!"  —Jerry (Davis, CA)

"Jim, you were so inspirational! After your recent speech...I’ve heard conversations from across the room about your presentation—you did such a great job! And people totally responded to what you had to say. You're awesome, Jim!!!"  —Keren (Sacramento, California)

"Karen is a connector extraordinaire!  She brings people together in her openness, enthusiasm, and vision for how things can mesh together. Her heart is open to new ideas and experiences. She is willing to learn from others and celebrates when she and others grow. She has expanded her Spirit to include connection to energies beyond earth, to galactic Light sources and more. Love and healing for the earth and all that live here motivate her as she puts her all into her vision for unity." —Ann Naimark, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach

"Karen’s professional skillset is such a lovely mix for holistic wellness. She has compassionately worked with our family helping us move through sports fatigue, stress and life transitions.  Karen is truly a lightworker spreading joy to all she touches." —Desiree Aragon, Spiritual Talent Strategist

“Joan Marie has an intuitive sense when it comes to both the physical malady and misalignment, as well as the regular aches and pains that come from over-stressed and under appreciated lives.” —Susie O.

“Silent massage is transformative with compassionate touch.” —Rene M.

“Julie said something so simple yet so profound. It changed my life and will stay with me forever.”  —a listener of the Bold Life Radio Show

“My life has been forever changed since meeting and knowing Julie. I recommend her to anyone not only in rough times but just for spiritual encouragement, life direction, and guidance. Make contact with her soon, you'll be glad you did!”  —Portia


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