The SupportTeam of the Sedona SuperTeam 2020

Our dear friends, the Spiritual Vaccine Summit would not have been possible without the dedication and talent of the SupportTeam for the Sedona SuperTeam.

Although the original retreat in Sedona, Power of Play, was planned two years ago, the emergence of travel stipulations and public health crises of the Coronavirus pandemic nearly stopped us. However in July of this year, just 90 days ago, we decided that nothing was going to stop us from helping people and Mother Earth heal in our very on special way— through play. P.L.A.Y.—Prosper, Laugh, and Amaze Yourself—to Thrive!

And so here we are. I am very proud to introduce you to these huge-hearted people. Without them my SuperTeam would not have been able to offer you this Summit within such a short timeframe.

This is the Sedona SuperTeam's Support Team 2020.


Lisa is a "Jill of all trades" when it comes to managing the "back end" of what we normally do not even think about when preparing websites, emails, and so much more. Although Frank Balderrama built the Spiritual Vaccine Summit website, Lisa supported us with the overall process of summit building as well as technical details and setting up communication templates and more.


Giovanni is a writer/editor who creates with vision, seeing the entire picture. She and I worked in tandem to bring "copy" to life, especially most the profiles for each of the SuperTeam members. And behind the scenes in all the summit strategizing and planning, Giovanni's excellent self-care regimen supported mine as everything came together. Serenity is ours!  Zenziles Way Consulting


When I asked Elana—visual artist and instructor in Southern California—to design a polished logo from my original sketches of the Spiritual Vaccine t-shirt (March 2020), she paused as her specialty was creating intricate and resplendent abstract oil paintings, built up slowly through a meditative process. Suddenly, with divine inspiration, we wove the true intention of "Spiritual Vaccine" into this logo, later imposed upon this photo I took of Sedona Red Rock in February of 2020, just weeks before the Coronavirus pandemic mandated lockdown. Small and great blessings arise from challenges. Our vibrant t-shirts are absolute proof of this!  Elana Kundell Studio


Rich is one of the most intense yet easy-going video editors with whom I have ever worked. Detail oriented without remaining fixated, he flows in his work and supports my movement forward in all projects, including the big one I suddenly announced one day—the Spiritual Vaccine Summit. With my clear art direction, Rich takes risks with the parameters and freedom I offer and produces beautiful outcomes. His consistency and persistence is priceless! Contrast Video Productions


Frank is one highly artistic web designer who seizes concepts faster than anyone I know. We worked closely together in designing the overall architecture, navigation, and look and feel of He built the structure as I provided him most of the content and photos with which he created the art for the site. How long did this take? Two weeks. Need not say more. Balderrama Design

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